The best from Peru for the world

Perú Pima S.A. is a company with 25 years’ experience serving the local (Peruvian) and the rest of Latin American markets. It has dedicated itself to understand and make the most of the benefits of cotton fibers to produce the best.

This is a vertically-integrated company, i.e., it controls each process for the manufacture of its sheets and towels, from the yarn to the final garment. They are experts in transforming cotton into high-quality products for refined markets to meet each client’s needs.

The purity of a natural fiber such as cotton is recognized by everyone, and their products reflect that quality. Perú Pima manufactures sheeting fabrics from 125 to 800 thread count, in 100% cotton, and in blends with polyester.

They also produce towels, bathroom mats, and bathrobe in 100% cotton several weights. Each product bears the guarantee of softness, uniformity, and fine finishes that only experience and high-quality raw materials can produce.

In general, there is a combination of the goodness of the earth, the work of the individuals, and the technology, to manufacture high-quality fabrics to produce items that ensure an experience of wellbeing, luxury, and comfort that will last a lifetime. Thus, they offer the world a piece of their history, their experience, and their future, giving the best to all their clients.